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Publicado: 30/07/2007 em Notícias

Está no ar o novo site do PMI.

Vale a pena olhar em

Introducing the new!

Redesigned and retooled with the user in mind, now offers an easy-to-use, personalized experience filled with the information, resources and integrated e-commerce you need. Built based on industry best practices, the new features state-of-the-art technology and expanded search capabilities. users can now find succinct and relevant information more quickly. The user-friendly navigation and site organization also optimizes your time so you can now find what you’re looking for in two to three clicks. This all means less time looking and more time learning!

Behind the Redesign of
A letter from PMI CEO Gregory Balestrero

To our members, certification holders, volunteers and visitors,

Welcome to the new When we first began a redesign of, we did a systematic review of all the processes and connection points for a website to serve our members, chapters, PMI credential holders, as well as the millions of visitors to our site. It became clear that we must broaden the scope and impact this project would have on our organization.

What began as a simple question, “How does the current site serve our global community?” rapidly developed into methodical research, usability testing and development—but more than process, our mission and vision grew as well. This project required that we see the site through the eyes of our users in order to develop an online destination that was easier to use and more relevant to the practitioner in the field. has a fresh new look, but the difference goes beyond the appearance alone. The new site represents a beginning in collaborative environments, and is one of the most visible parts of a new Enterprise Architecture. It represents the culmination of extensive assessments of practitioner needs and a commitment to serving the global project management community.  It represents the intellectual contribution of technical experts in collaborative sites, and the application of new and innovative information technology.

However, the real result here is about added value. I am confident that you will find the site more intuitive and easier to use. We invite you to explore the many new sections and features of the site in detail and send us your thoughts.

Our new site represents the first phase of our Enterprise Architecture. It will provide us with capabilities to improve our collaboration and community sites, leverage the power of technologies such as video, and eventually, provide seamless integration across all PMI applications via the use of Web Services and Single-Sign On. The process of activating and empowering the project management community is underway.

At PMI, we see a future rich in active engagement and passionate collaboration within the profession and we hope will contribute and enrich your professional experience.

Gregory Balestrero, CEO


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